Door Entry


Access Control is now used in most commercial properties, especially in foyer areas. This not only protects your staff from unwanted or unknown visitors, but it is a way for delivery drivers or company reps to be dealt with more quickly. Audio and video access systems are available, offering control from individual dwellings over one or more communal doorways. Vandal proof flush steel external panels are available where necessary. Video access gives the luxury of the tenants being able to see their visitor without the visitor seeing them, which in its self can be a relief for the elderly. Using compression technology, combined with local and central disk storage, bandwidth usage is minimised whilst maintaining the image quality and resolution.

Advanced systems can include a numeric keypad on the external panel, which allows regular guests the facility of access without the need for tenants having to keep answering the entry phone every time someone calls.

Video Entry


We provide a range of video entry systems suitable for houses, blocks of flats, small businesses and multi-site organisations. These systems are the modern day 'door chain' equivalent – allowing you to see and speak to your visitor before allowing access. In addition to security, these products act as building management systems - saving you time and therefore money. Their aesthetics also add value to any building design.

Available in a host of colours with a multitude of features, you can choose from 'off the shelf' systems or bespoke designed systems to suit your exacting needs.

Within our range there is a style and budget to suit everyone from telephone activated devices through to the latest touch screen technology.

Some of the many features include:

  • Conversation and video privacy
  • Video voicemail
  • Noise-free audio
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Tilt screen displays
  • Door lock release
  • Stair light activation
  • Anti-vandalism devices

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