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Fever Detection System Installers & Thermal Screening

Including Walkthrough and Handheld options

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Our Fever scanning and Temperature Screening Solutions are available with different options and a wide range of applications to help protect people, property and companies. Adding either fixed or portable thermal cameras provides a system that works both day and night and can be fitted internally or externally.

Using advanced detectors and algorithms, our Temperature Screening Thermographic cameras detect increased skin temperatures to provide preliminary temperature screening in offices, warehouses, airports and public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

    Benefits of our fever screening solutions include:
  • 1 second skin-surface temperature detection
  • Simultaneously read the temperatures on multiple people
  • No physical contact needed
  • Immediate operator notification alarms
  • Artificial Intelligence to reduce false alarms

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Sectors where Fever Screening is used:

Railway and Underground Stations

Retail and Shopping


Factories and Warehouses

Medical and Hospitals

Schools and Colleges

Office and Commercial Premises


Sporting events

Why use fever screening in your business?

We offer a range of solutions that are customised to a company's individual requirements. Our experienced team listen and work closely with you to select an approriate system for your company and environment. This may include handheld and fixed position screening devices. Fever detection and thermal screening can help to:

  • Detect and screen then general public or workers before they enter or are in your premises
  • Help with reassuring both staff and visitors
  • We can also integrate access control solutions to allow or restrict people from entering areas based on their temperature
  • Monitor social distancing
  • Help to maintain the health of staff through protection against infection
  • Integration with CCTV solutions to create a more secure environment
  • Helps prevent the spread of viruses and diseases

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MJ Security use Hikvision, which gives you:

  • AI human body detection
  • A unique self-developed algorithm
  • Embedded audio alarms
  • A one-stop solution

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