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Videofied MJ Security Systems offers a wireless video verification security concept, Videofied, for residential, commercial and outdoor use.

Videofied can be installed as a complete stand-alone burglar alarm or as a cost-effective add on to an existing alarm system, upgrading it to video verification.

The beauty of Videofied is that it requires no power lines, phone lines or Internet services and is therefore ideal for outdoor or remote locations and also helps to keep costs down. The other major benefit is that Videofied users can remotely view their property or premises using a mobile app from a smart phone or tablet. This minimises the risk of a false alarm, which can be costly, but also provides proof of crimes in progress.

Ideal for:

  • Construction sites
  • Farm buildings
  • Sports clubs
  • Substations
  • Boats
  • And more ...

Videofied has all the features of a conventional wireless alarm system but has video cameras built into the passive infrared detectors (PIRs) affording many benefits:

  • When a PIR is triggered it generates a 10 second video clip automatically sent to our alarm receiving centre (ARC)
  • Our ARC is manned 24/7 meaning genuine crimes can be quickly escalated and false alarms discounted
  • Remote activation of a siren or other device is possible
  • 2-way communication through the Videofied system is also possible

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