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In co-operation with our partners, Integrated Visual Protection, Xtralis and Yeoman, we provide off-site CCTV and protection services for commercial, industrial and residential premises through the use of remote digital technology, cameras on site via movement sensors or the new Presidium Sensing System.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, the following systems can be controlled and operated from a remote monitoring station:

  • Cameras
  • Opening and closing of entrance gates
  • Fire and intruder alarm systems
  • Personal key holder protection services

There are various levels of monitoring service including:

  • Basic system based on a telephone line - This gives instant detection if it has been damaged or cut, and transmits even when the phone is in use.
  • ADSL Broadband and ISDN – this level of monitoring is capable of transmitting up to 1,000 different alarms or data packets, as well as status reports on the customer's premises such as the movements of an intruder within the premises.
  • Connection with a GSM back up - If one system fails the other alerts the ARC while continuing to monitor any subsequent alarms.

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